Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thirty-Six Things

In honor of my charming son's 36th  birthday today  ... yesterday  ...err, earlier this month, I present "Thirty-six Things You didn't Know About Larry"  (umm, Part  1)
1.  He wore cowboy boots until he was three. Without socks. Because they tickled.
    2.  He jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.  (Some people think of a bucket list as something to do before they die; some people consider it something to do while trying to die.)


3. He is a good man with animals.  He rescued Petunia the Rabbit and kept her for eight years.  She now rests in a place of honor in our yard.  Larry took in Lucy after his dad could no longer keep her.

4. He is a good sport.
Ziplining in the Beckers' backyard
5. He keeps a bucket of water on his back porch which he pours over his head every morning. I don't understand this, and neither does Lucy.

6.  He spent a semester in Sweden studying for his master's degree in political science.
7.  He has a masters degree in Political Science.
 8. He is a man of many talents.

9. On first first day of preschool with Miss Nancy at Building Blocks in Somer's Point, NJ, when he was told to go use the boys' room; he took off his boot, pee'd in his sock, then returned the sock to the teacher.  (This may or may not be related to item #1)

10.  He was once trapped in a locked bedroom with no way out.   Around 2 a.m. we heard a terrible crashing sound coming from the guest room (my in laws were staying in Larry's room.)  Allan ran to the room and saw that Larry had pulled out the the top hinges on the bedroom door. 
 Larry may have looked a little like this --

and gasped,  "I can't get out of the room!!!  I have to pee and there's no door handle!  I'm trapped!!"

Allan issued a few profanities along the lines of  "You dumbsh*t.  The doorknob is on the other side of the door" and proceeded to tear the rest of the door off its hinges so Larry could escape.

This is a true and factual story, although there may or may not have been some alcohol consumption involved.
*****to be continued*****

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